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Pilots and Planes - Page 1
Find out who else in your neck of the woods is into WW1 R/C
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DSC00304.jpg (52026 bytes)


Art Shelton (Rcart) - Shelbyville, Indiana. -USA
"I am fascinated with flight. Two and three wings are way better than one. My favorites are S-1 Pitts, Laser 200 (I know it only has one wing, but if flown hard and fast the wing blurs and sometimes looks like 2 or 3), and anything from 
World War 1, especially the Sopwith Pup."

AMA# 44223
Flying RC since 1975, WW1 since 1976

Indy South R/C Club

EMail Art

Greg Eindecker3.jpg (27363 bytes)

Greg and Pup.jpg (19691 bytes)


Greg Emerick (Eindecker Pilot)- Columbus, Indiana - USA
WWI airplanes are (for me) the most interesting to look at, on the air and on the ground.  The technology is primitive yet the shapes are complex."

AMA# 508346
Flying RC since 1997, WW1 since 1999

Bartholomew County R/C Fliers

EMail Greg


Mike at 2006 MJweb.jpg (25916 bytes)


Mike Bealmear (Lucky Dog! ) - Columbus, Indiana - USA
If it has wings and a propeller, it's been a love and fascination for me for as long as I can remember.  I was a scale plastic (mostly WW2) nut as a kid, and Scale R/C is something I've wanted to do since getting in the hobby. WW1 and vintage "Wings with Wires"  have a certain "romance" to them and has snagged me. Besides, you don't have to screw with retracts<g>."

AMA # 544802
IMAA #29076
Flying RC since 1995. WW1 since 2003

Bartholomew County R/C Fliers

Personal Web Site
EMail  Mike

dr1driver.jpg (48108 bytes)




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Gerald Rudisail (Dr1 Driver) - Monroe, North Carolina - USA
"I enjoy the majesty and personality these old cloth/wood planes have.  They all look different and they all have unique flying characteristics.  These planes require more construction than many modern planes, but can be easily detailed to look very realistic.  Also, I very much admire and respect the courage, pride, and even arrogance the pilots of these planes exhibited."

AMA# 156202 IMAA# 20518
Flying RC since 1983, WW1 since 1997

Rocky River Flying Aces and Po' Boy's Prop Twisters
EMail Gerald

Grondin3.jpg (20482 bytes)

Grondin2.jpg (16917 bytes)

Dan Grondin - Okeechobee, FL - USA
" I really enjoy flying these old birds.. They are slower and majestic and bring to mind the trials and difficulties that the early pilots had  just keeping them in the air -- not to mention  trying to use them for a purpose..  My first love in planes was a SPAD -- someday I'm going to build one, and fly it.  I think they look and sound so cool- especially with a gas engine." 

AMA# 562735
Started in the hobby in 1943, R/C in 1993,  WW1 in 1998

Okeechobee Model Airplane Club
EMail Dan

bill white new web.jpg (19198 bytes)



Bill White (Tail Dragger) - Dardanelle, Arkansas - USA
"WWI is right up my alley of interest because they are all fabric covered tail draggers! Just what a real airplane should be.

AMA# 2008
Flying RC since 1976, Vintage since 1979.

E-mail Bill -

Bill and Pup at phil's web.jpg (17353 bytes)




Bill (Billy) Thompson - Boggstown, IN - USA
"WW1 flying is more relaxing"

AMA# 638462
RC since 1981, WW1 in 2003


Hornaday.jpg (22686 bytes)



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Danny Hornaday - Brooklyn, Indiana - USA
"WW1 looks more realistic, I like the era"

AMA# 343561
R/C since 1989, First year for WW1

Plainfield and Danville, IN
EMail Danny

Lou2.jpg (23359 bytes)

Lou Schmalz, Indianapolis, Indiana - USA

AMA# 27848
R/C since 1953, WW1 since 1998

Johnson Co. R/C Fliers 
EMail Lou

Brandon.jpg (21319 bytes)

Brandon Denzer (Biff) - Indianapolis, Indiana - USA
"Vintage look; slow steady pace of flying. I enjoy building wings"

AMA# 719055
R/C since 1997, WW1 2003

Indy R/C South , Johnson Co. R/C Fliers 

EMail Brandon

Chuck.jpg (20560 bytes)

Charles (Chuck) Baker- Indianapolis, Indiana - USA

AMA# 1948
R/C since 1986, WW1 2003

Indy R/C South , Johnson Co. R/C Fliers ,  
Bartholomew County R/C Fliers

and Indianapolis Eastside 
EMail Chuck

Lukovered tripe2.jpg (13774 bytes)



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Dean Lukover- San Antonio, Texas - USA

AMA# 9285
R/C since 1992 - WW1 Since 1996

Email Dean

bloomington 4.jpg (19284 bytes)

Charles R. Thompson - Martinsville, IN - USA
"The history of WW1 and Biplanes"

AMA# 606712
In R/C since 1998,  WW1 2003

Monroe Co. R/C Club

bloomington 6.jpg (19369 bytes)

bloomington 5.jpg (18642 bytes)


Bob Shireman - Martinsville, IN - USA
"Imagining WW1 combat and experiencing flying scale"

In R/C since 1994, Flying WW1 since 1996

Monroe Co. R/C Club
Email Bob


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