Glacier Girl
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Glacier Girl

Glacier Girl is a WWII Lockheed P-38 Lightning that was dug out of a Glacier in Greenland and restored to flying condition. The original mission in 1942, the recovery in 1992 and restoration, are incredible stories in themselves.  You can find out more at the Lost Squadron website.

My wife Kathy and I ventured to Middlesboro Kentucky on October 25, 2002 to watch Glacier Girl make her maiden flight after 10 years of restoration. It was a cold and cloudy day, and didn't look very promising. Finally, at about 4 pm (2 hours later than scheduled), the ceiling lifted enough that pilot Steve Hinton was comfortable enough with to make a go of it.  

A series of pictures I took of that momentous flight.

Please click on an image to see it larger.

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3_Taxi1.jpg (24385 bytes)

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5_rolling!.jpg (27982 bytes)

6_rotate.jpg (26356 bytes)

7_liftoff.jpg (19421 bytes)

8_climbout.jpg (20137 bytes)

9_firstpass.jpg (8932 bytes)

10_turn1.jpg (11922 bytes)

11_flyby1.jpg (8849 bytes)

12_flyby2.jpg (6428 bytes)

13_flyby3.jpg (12192 bytes)

14_flyby4.jpg (8773 bytes)

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19_flyby8.jpg (7965 bytes)

19a_turningfinal.jpg (19736 bytes)

20_almosthome.jpg (30212 bytes)

21_homesafe.jpg (38161 bytes)

22_postflight1.jpg (20590 bytes)

23_postflight2.jpg (24605 bytes)

Wow! What a day!