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Fokker Dr1
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Wright Flyer

"Lucky Dog" R/C Model Aviation

My Ace .60 size Cloud Dancer. Built from the (now discontinued) Ace R/C  kit.
TT .61 power. Flies great!

Cloud Dancer.jpg (55978 bytes)
Cloud Dancer 

Mall Show.jpg (17903 bytes)
Club Mall Show
(Feb. 2001)

CD.jpg (24083 bytes)

A few more favorite pics below (in no particular chronological order) ...more to come as I dig them out.  

lucky dog.jpg (23434 bytes)
Lucky Dog!
(summer 1999)

dead dog.jpg (30084 bytes)
Dead Dog!
(winter 1999)

Mike's Dr1.jpg (26684 bytes)
AZM Fokker Dr1
1/5 scale

Mike and Russ.jpg (27545 bytes)
Russ Kuhn and me Snow Flying
(Jan. 1999)

Stik.jpg (18588 bytes)
.60 Stik
Jan. 1999)

Mike and Ted.jpg (42280 bytes)
Mike & Ted
Christmas Day (1998)

ted cap 2003.jpg (65444 bytes)
Ted and his 
Kyosho CAP 232 

Ted's Wright Flyer project photos 

The WW1 R/C "Mission Oriented Flying Group" I'm involved with .

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please contact Mike.